Hope for Belarus

There’s Uber in Minsk, folks. Uber in Minsk! This gives me a lot of hope for Minsk. If you know anything about the situation in Belarus, you’ll understand me.

We had our Belarus friends over today and they told us. They have the cutest accents.

This is the table before the food was served.

6 thoughts on “Hope for Belarus”

  1. Interesting photo:

    Clarissa, did you notice your self-portrait among the setting? Your reflection is clearly visible on the cover of the metal pot, holding your phone at face level to snap the image. (Also, I think you rotated the photograph 90 degrees counterclockwise when posting it so that it would fit on the web page better — hence the odd perspective of the vertical objects on the table.)

    Still looks appetizing! What’s the main course in the silver pot?


      1. “Belarusians can’t eat anything about boiled potatoes. :-)”

        That sounds like Polish people until sometime in the 2000s…. But can the Belarusians eat American potatoes? IME Poles tend to find American potatoes to be decidedly below par* and often switch to rice or pasta as daily staples.

        *almost as bad as American bread which most can’t even bring themselves to regard as food


  2. Uber is in Minsk and poke bowls have reached Poland… I remember seeing it on a sign and I wouldn’t have known what it was if not for this blog… (no…. I didn’t order it… )


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