Techie Sheeple

Want to attend a tech conference? Agree to get monitored everywhere and at all times, including in the toilet and in bed.

The saddest part is that almost everybody will put on the bracelets and accept the surveillance. If everybody said no, that would be it. But these are techie folks. They don’t tend to have the balls to stand up to this kind of thing.

One thought on “Techie Sheeple”

  1. They apparently stood up to it, though, and the conference changed its policy, so I’d say it’s a case of tech folk being the only ones with balls enough to protest a method of surveillance that is already commonly used at music festivals and the like.

    Not super clear, btw, if this is just a rfid chip (which would make the bracelet the worn equivalent of one of those cards you swipe to enter a hotel room, definitely not something that tracks you in bed) or if there’s more interesting stuff in there


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