The Mother of All Headdesks

So. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion asked me to give an hour-long talk titled “Hispanic History, Culture, Art, and Values.”

One. Hour. Long.

There’s truly nobody who despises other cultures more than lovers of diversity. Honestly, folks. How’d you feel about an hour-long talk titled “History, Culture, Art, and Values of the English-speaking World”?

This hurts my feelings. I’ve spent the last 20 years studying “Hispanic History, Culture, Art, and Values,” I’ve lived and breathed this stuff for two decades and my knowledge is still minuscule, microbic, speck-like compared to what there is. This is a beautiful, enormous, majestic culture. It spans continents and centuries. Just the variety of language alone is a subject one could discuss for hours, days, months. These are many countries, many different time periods, artists, events, are you fucking kidding me?

Hey, have you read the Bible? Can you retell it in a couple of sentences?

I just can’t even. These people.

2 thoughts on “The Mother of All Headdesks”

  1. May be, they think Hispanic means Spanish? And ask you to talk about Spain today? Or about Mexico today?

    Don’t know any other Hispanic countries, so they may be unaware of their existence too.


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