Art of Desperation

A girl at church had a picture of a poodle out of a coloring book that she was refusing to share. Disaster loomed on the horizon, so I mobilized all of the tiny crumbs of artistic capacity that nature gave me and drew an identical poodle but three times bigger. Crisis was averted.

9 thoughts on “Art of Desperation”

  1. Crumbs? Those are huge lumps – the picture should be exposed at the Louvre!
    Speaking seriously, it’s a really good picture, and Klara looks absolutely happy!


    1. Sure she looks happy. Her poodle was three times as big as the competition. It’s all about the competition at this age.

      Thank you for liking it! I have no idea how to draw but desperation is a good teacher.


      1. So how does a Bulgarian parish come to exist in a town with no Bulgarians? I get that people from all of the various Eastern Orthodox faiths will go to whatever Eastern Orthodox church is available, but if the town has no Bulgarians then how did they get a Bulgarian church instead of, I dunno, a Serbian Orthodox or Greek Orthodox or whatever church?

        Also, do they do the service in Slavonic or English?


        1. It’s English because everybody is very American. There is one Greek person but everybody else is many generations American.

          Its Bulgarian because that was the one that was the least infected by the KGB. Weirdly enough.


          1. “Bulgarian because that was the one that was the least infected by the KGB”

            Is this referring to American or the original European branches? I have no idea about the roles that different religious groups played in the communist era outside of Poland (and a smidgen about East Germany).

            I’m also wondering about immigration patterns – I’ve never heard of any kind of significant Bulgarian presence…. anywhere in the US (I’m sure it can be found somewhere I just have no idea where… did they end up around St Louis?)


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