A Great Link

I have no interest in reading either of these books but the review is very good.


We have a Norwegian lady at my fitness club. I thought she was my age. And then she showed up with a 30-year-old son.

If you look at her face closely, you can she’s not 40. Or even 50. But she’s so fit and has such an athletic body that it’s easy to make the mistake.

The son, though, is nothing like the Norwegian mom. He’s pudgy and unfit. He had to interrupt the workout several times to go catch his breath, which none of us middle-aged ladies had to do.

I’m from a pudgy culture myself, so I commiserate with the guy.


It’s been 10 years since I started working on this campus. I walked the 5 miles to the first-day orientation because I had no idea how to transport myself around without a car. Walking through the fields confirmed me in the belief that I needed to go on the job market ASAP to find a different job for the next year.

I was barely listening to anything at the orientation because I was sure I’d be leaving soon. But then the Provost spoke and explained why we were all hired. The talk was so inspiring, so meaningful that I… changed my mind. Didn’t even look at the job offerings that year or in the years to come.

The Provost did, though. He went to a better job soon after. It was still a great moment, that orientation. I was a different person back then. It’s weird even to think how different.

One thing didn’t change, though. I still make decisions very fast and have no regrets.

First Day of Class

It’s very annoying when a semester starts so early. I feel disoriented. Plus, I have a bunch of people moving in on Friday. And there’s a deadline for something I’m writing, obviously. And I’m trying to buy a new used car. And I finally found an electrician who is not booked up all the way until November and is willing to come out. But I’ve got to stay there waiting for him and planning things around his visit.

So yes, back to school. Congratulations to those whose classes start today and especially to those whose don’t.

Not The Onion

This is not from The Onion:

The words “felon,” “offender,” “convict,” “addict” and “juvenile delinquent” would be part of the past in official San Francisco parlance under new “person first” language guidelines adopted by the Board of Supervisors. Going forward, what was once called a convicted felon or an offender released from jail will be a “formerly incarcerated person,” or a “justice-involved” person or simply a “returning resident.”

There’s more at the link. And it’s even better. Say, has The Onion gone out of business already? Because I don’t see how anybody can compete.