Silent Supporters

Half (49%) of likely voters surveyed at least somewhat agreed they “tell people they do not approve of Donald Trump, but they personally agree with him on certain issues.” Conversely, slightly more than half disagreed they have to hide their support of President Trump. Zogby Analytics has been tracking this issue for some time and the amount of likely voters who believe they have to “silently” support Trump has increased to 49% from 40% in the last year.

Even back before the last election, I kept saying that we can’t trust polls if they don’t take into account the silent voters. I turned out to be right although I completely underestimated their number.

Since May,

The president has made in-roads with independents, suburban voters, urban men, and, urban parents, while increasing the level of support among his base — men, consumer blocs, older voters, and union voters.

It’s very obvious what happened since May to lead to this result.

4 thoughts on “Silent Supporters”

    1. Tax cuts happened before.

      I’m talking about the Dem debates that are scaring people away from the party in droves. The candidates are talking like the billionaire snowflakes from the next post. It freaks people out. It freaks me out.


      1. “the Dem debates that are scaring people away from the party in droves”

        The party’s new commitment to full on open borders is also not helping. At least the republicans have some subtlety about it. I’m reminded of Portugal in the 1970s(?) where the hard leftists had such a big lead in the polls that they started being honest about what they intended to do once they won… and scared away the swing voters.


        1. Nobody wants any of this. Voters massively don’t want any of these wokester-of-the-month proposals. Nobody wants these constant screeches of racism-racism-racism. 70% of all voters oppose decriminalization of border crossing. 70% oppose free healthcare for illegal immigrants. Nobody wants half of the prison population to be released back in the streets. It’s all such a sham.


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