Bright Side

I’m glad I became a Latin Americanist. It’s so much easier. Students are extremely motivated. Everybody is excited. Everybody has a lot to say. There are tons of questions. The classroom is loud because everybody is talking at the same time.

It’s great. Of course it would be even better if we didn’t destroy our tenure line and had a specialist teach this course. But I guess I’m the next best thing.

I’m honestly enjoying the course, so it’s not like I’m advocating on my own behalf. I’m fine, I’m great, I’ll have 7 publications this year (4 articles, one book chapter and 2 reviews), I love the classes I teach. But I can’t get over what happened with the tenure line. I wish I could develop the requisite degree of individualism and only care about what’s good for me but I just can’t. The destruction of the tenure line is good for me as an individual because I can wiggle out of a lot of language teaching and teach something fun. But I still can’t be as self-involved as some people who feel happy over this.


Everybody is pro-censorship. Leftists outlaw words like “but” and “no problem” (did I post the link yesterday of did I forget?). Right-wingers spend decades bitching about how Hollywood hates them but when a movie appears that portrays Trump supporters as folk heroes hounded by evil leftist they get it cancelled because they are too stupid to watch the trailer beyond the first two seconds.

I’m upset because I was going to watch the movie. It’s bound to have great comedic potential. I’m also upset because everybody hates free speech. Everybody. People want only to hear stuff that makes them nod drowsily in agreement.