Everybody is pro-censorship. Leftists outlaw words like “but” and “no problem” (did I post the link yesterday of did I forget?). Right-wingers spend decades bitching about how Hollywood hates them but when a movie appears that portrays Trump supporters as folk heroes hounded by evil leftist they get it cancelled because they are too stupid to watch the trailer beyond the first two seconds.

I’m upset because I was going to watch the movie. It’s bound to have great comedic potential. I’m also upset because everybody hates free speech. Everybody. People want only to hear stuff that makes them nod drowsily in agreement.

9 thoughts on “Pro-censorship”

  1. Here’s an irony… Chinese influence is a big issue in Australia right now. A Chinese student in Australia, former nationalist, has ‘defected’ in the sense of becoming a public critic. So here she was on the national broadcaster, explaining that many Chinese support censorship for the sake of social stability. And some people in the replies, attack her as an apologist for China, saying shame that Australian TV would carry such a person. Yet another lesson in how first impressions can be completely wrong…


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