Really Annoying

What’s really annoying is that the committee told to do the work of 8 people consists of three women. Never ever ever would the darn associate provost ask 3 men to do anything like that because men would tell her where to stuff it while women are supposed to be incapable of saying no.

Well, she’ll learn her lesson with these three women. Two have already resigned. The associate provost is from my part of the world, by the way. She should have known better than to try to pull a fast one on me.

Soccer Star

What Klara loves at soccer practice is to show off her outfit, get the boys to run after her to give her hugs, and when the game begins to stand next to the field and provide running commentary on what everybody is doing wrong. When a ball rolls her way, she steps aside with a ladylike giggle.

I tried to explain that the point is to get in the midst of the group and fight the other team for the ball.

“Why would I do something like that, Mommy?” Klara asked, looking mildly outraged.

Well, at least I got her out of puffy skirts, tiaras, bracelets and necklaces for a day. That’s something.

She also likes to recite the pledge of allegiance next to every flag.

P.S. Unrelated but still funny. Klara decorated her dresser with crosses made out of marshmallow sticker string.

“These are not Orthodox crosses, though,” N said pedantically.

“We are in America, Daddy,” Klara said in a severe voice. “These are the crosses we have in America.”

Link of the Day

Yes, it’s in the New Yorker, so it’s unprofessional and idiotic by default but it’s an important issue that, as Amy Wax says, nobody wants to discuss. And if you do manage to get through the introductory section (which I don’t recommend), you’ll see why.

The question of why some countries do great while others are constantly in deep shit is fascinating. Completely stupid people say “colonialism” because they like see the world in terms of colonizing winners and colonized losers. But that’s idiotic. Look at Russia and Finland. Russia keeps colonizing everyone in sight, including Finland. But Russia is in deep shit, always, constantly, relentlessly. And Finland is a paradise in comparison.

There’s obviously nothing racial in my example because I’m talking about the same ethnic group. This could be a fascinating discussion but it won’t be because there are too many dumbos who want to scream “colonialism” and “racism” instead of learning anything.