Was the El Paso Shooter a Leftist?

People are confused on the subject because he was an anti-immigrant eco-nut. I discovered this kind of individual back when I first started blogging. They were both extremely leftist and extremely, obsessively, viciously xenophobic against immigrants. I can’t say they are racist because they detest all immigrants equally. Their whole thing is that people moving around and breeding everywhere they go destroys nature. And nothing is more important than nature.

It’s hard to say whether it’s leftist or rightist because the eco-nuttery is definitely leftist while the “breeding immigrant” trope is rightist. I’d say they are a blend of the two taken to extremes.

I have no idea why it matters what political label we can put on this freak’s justification for his horrible crime, though. The Ohio shooter was a far leftist. So what? He’s a murdering, vicious sumbitch, that’s what matters about him.

I find it very creepy that people would want to use these terrible, terrible crimes to yell “ah, gotcha!” and point to “the other side.” People died. They didn’t die to help you feel smug about your political identifications.

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