Book Notes: Kevin Williamson’s The Smallest Minority

I didn’t think anybody could hate the self-righteous Twitter mobs more than I do but Kevin Williamson does and he explains why these mobs are so rabid in a very brilliant way. I find all of these excitable folks who are earnestly ranting about the threat of Nazism in America to be like space aliens. I don’t get them at all. But Williamson’s book explains what motivates them really well.

This book is what’s missing from Zuboff’s attempt to explain everybody’s indifference towards the surveillance and suppression practices of Facebook and Google.

Williamson also hints at a recipe for avoiding the wrath of social-justicey fanatics. What angers them, he says, is not that dissenters exist but that they sometimes benefit from “a minute reordering of status hierarchies.” It’s all about status, which is everything for people without any sense of self.

The book is beautifully written, and the footnotes are simply brilliant. I’m not doing justice to this great book right now because it’s the second week of the semester, I have a house full of people, I have a cat living with us, I’m getting used to a new car, and my brain is colonized by all this stuff. But it’s a very, very good book.

I just finished it but now I want to reread it.

Deep Love

All of the people fake-concerned about the Amazon fires don’t give a crap about the nuclear explosion in Russia. The only reason they pretend to be concerned is because it lets them make some inane point about Trump. They love Trump to the point of complete obsession.

It’s daddy issues.