Deep Love

All of the people fake-concerned about the Amazon fires don’t give a crap about the nuclear explosion in Russia. The only reason they pretend to be concerned is because it lets them make some inane point about Trump. They love Trump to the point of complete obsession.

It’s daddy issues.

5 thoughts on “Deep Love”

  1. Trump supporters I know are outraged too, and most people I know on both sides of the aisle aren’t trying to make any point about Trump. There’s faux outrage going on I’m sure, but sometimes people are genuinely shocked and appalled by things rather than putting on a show.

    People don’t care about the nuclear explosion because 1. they didn’t know it happened and 2. it doesn’t affect us. A bunch of the Amazon burning down could potentially affect global warming. Does a nuclear explosion in Russia the entire world in the same way? I’m not that up on science but I don’t think it would.


    1. Yes, I think that the Russians’ incapacity to control their massive stockpiles of nukes does present an enormous threat to all of us. A lot bigger than the unpleasant but pretty regular forest fires in South America. And the reason we don’t know about the extreme tenuousness of the Russians’ control over their nukes is precisely what I said: it’s not useful for making any sort of a partisan point.

      And as for forest fires, fires in Siberia have been raging for weeks. So it’s not every forest fire that a government refuses to put out interests people. If it were a Chavez instead of a Bolsonaro, nobody would notice these fires either.


      1. See, that’s good to know; for some reason I was thinking this was a nuclear power plant thing.

        This isn’t a normal forest fire, it’s the size of the entire eastern coast of the United States. And agribusiness seems to play a role in the extended burning.

        I still disagree it’s about making a partisan point. I barely see anyone bring up Trump in relation to this, and I know so many people who love shitting on Trump at every opportunity. And anything, literally anything, happening in Russia can more easily be made into a partisan point. Putin can’t control his nukes! Trump is buddies with Putin! The Trump/Putin team will lead us into nuclear Holocaust! See, that was easy.


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