Does anybody know any other countries where media stars or rich businessmen with zero political experience won presidential elections? I’m making a list for research purposes.

11 thoughts on “List”

  1. How specific are you in this list? Are you saying “president” as in “the president” and nobody else, or are something like prime ministers ok (iow the top executive post in the country). If not confined to president/prime minister, how far up in the executive branch are you looking?


    1. Also, when you say, “zero political experience” do you mean “never held any elected office” or “held an insignificant political office”?


    1. “A playwright won the Czechoslovakian presidency around 1990”

      Václav Havel who had been a major figure in the dissident movement in Czechoslovakia so political experience of a kind….

      Lech Wałęsa became the first post communist president in Poland also with experience only in Solidarity… he wasn’t an entertainer though he did appear as himself in the movie Man of Iron (1981)

      Those aren’t really the same thing though


  2. Obviously Berlusconi in Italy. Ramachandran and Jayalalithaa in Tamil Nadu, India. Reagan and Schwarzenegger in America. Babis in Czech Republic…


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