A Haven of Plenty

Today, I visited a magical place, a haven of abundance and comfort within our university, a place where all your wishes come true instantly.

Of course, I’m talking about our Diversity and Inclusion Center.

We used to have a really cool on-campus museum but it was closed down a couple of years ago because there was no money to keep it going. The space was handed over to the Diversity Center. Which has all the money it could ever need.

I’m doing an event for them because if somebody is going to talk about Latin America for the “Latinxs Heritage Month,” at least it should be somebody with something to say. So I went over today to discuss the details, and it was a magical experience.

You are coming to the talk straight from a day of teaching? Of course, we’ll provide a 3-course meal before you start the lecture. How do you feel about dulce de leche cake for dessert?

Would you like large colorful posters to decorate the space? How about 50? We can put anything you need on them.

Would you like table decorations? Music? Flyers? Any number, any color scheme, any technology. Brochures dedicated to your favorite Hispanic personalities? Just say the word.

Back at my department, we can’t get $5 to buy a pizza for our student workers, so… it’s different. Hey, it’s almost like a lesson in class differences, so I definitely learned about diversity today.

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