Doña Flor

So it looks like Ilhan Omar dumped her husband for an angry white guy. A married angry white guy.

But it’s not the husband who’s her brother, it’s her other husband.

I never have time to watch soaps any more, so this will have to do.

5 thoughts on “Doña Flor”

    1. She also dispels the ridiculous myth that Islam = a hijab. The lady is Muslim like I’m Queen Elizabeth.

      So yeah, she’s got her uses. I hope she stays in congress for a long time to come and then sells her story to Amazon for a TV series.


      1. “ridiculous myth that Islam = a hijab”

        I’ve been saying this for years, it represents a rejection of western values (bad and good) and has jack all to do with religion (beyond trying to turn Islam into…. “the Anti West” which is not good for anyone…


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