Who to Vote for

This tells you everything:

9 thoughts on “Who to Vote for”

  1. This graph is easy to explain.

    The young lefty idiots who support Sanders believe that the government is evil, so of course it had Epstein murdered to protect certain powerful interests.

    The older but much wiser geezers who support Biden know that the government is incompetent, so it’s no surprise that the agency in charge of keeping Epstein from committing suicide bungled everything.


    1. “young lefty idiots who support Sanders ”

      I like to think I’m none of those, and I’m not a big Sanders fan, but he’s the best hope for realignment away from neoliberalism

      another take:

      Normies: Ah, he had a sad cus he was in jail, so he killed himself. Too bad about all the weird stuff going on at the time, crazy, you know? Just goes to show you. Ah, there’s that nice man Biden on TV…. I like him.

      Realists: He had dirt on many of the most powerful people in the world (including US presidents and the British Royal Family and a bunch o’ billionaires). OF course they mercked him.


  2. A final take, before I hit the sack: The government is always both incompetent and evil, but never in equal proportions. The “Normies” and the “Realists” both got their way with Epstein: He definitely had a sad and croaked himself on his own, while the many “Realists” outside the prison (like the U.K.’s Prince Andrew) lusted for him to be mercked, but owe their luck to either passive incompetence (the prison guards actually were too stupid to protect him from suicide), or to actively passive-aggressive behavior (the guards knew that their neglect would result in his suicide, but deliberately looked the other way).

    So far, there’s no evidence that third-party murderers got into Epstein’s cell and finished the job for him.

    So as to whether the conspiracy theories of Sanders’s Children Crusaders versus the “meh” business-as-usual scenario of the Biden dementia crowd turns out to be correct — does it really matter???


    1. Who’s talking about “third-party murderers” when there are crowds of guards right there either to help the guy along or turn the blind eye when he tries something?


  3. What if you are genuinely unsure whether Epstein committed suicide/was murdered because there are compelling reasons for both? What’s the hot take chart for that?

    Anyways, everyone in Florida buying up all the gas, water, ice, batteries and cigarettes because there’s a state of emergency for the entire state ofor Hurricane Dorian (Gray). The weather channel is saying a Cat 4 is now possible. Whee!


    1. “everyone in Florida buying up all the gas, water”

      Horrible confession… I used to kind of love hurricane warnings… everyone was so excited there was a major buzz in the air. Of course I never wanted one to hit but hurricane fever was kind of a contact high.


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