Sad for Biden

Did you, folks, see the sad clip where Biden forgot Obama’s name and had to call him “erm, erm, uh, my boss” after struggling to remember?

It’s heartbreaking. I blame his wife. I don’t care if she is very used to her role of a sheltered, chirpy creature. The guy isn’t fully there any more. She’s got to stop chirping and start caretaking.

Nobody thinks of it, of course, but “do I trust this person to take care of me if I develop dementia?” should be a major factor in choosing a life partner.

As I Said

Turns out that China has done more than any other country in the history of humanity to alleviate extreme poverty. Says Bernie.

If he’s not any less dumb than Trump, then what’s the point of voting for him? Just to pay more taxes and get worse healthcare?

Democrats would win so easily if they just shut up, held no more debates, and made no more appearances from now until the election. But they won’t do that.

Link of the Day

Why financiers love Corbyn.

The needs of capital have changed since 1955. Today it needs no borders, a constant reshuffling of the masses, and the middle class forced to provide the population that’s been rendered useless by automation with enough purchasing power that will keep it in mute, dumb acquiescence.

What Corbyns and Co call socialism would be anathema to capital as it was 60 years ago. But it’s exactly what the financier class needs today.

That Corbynism, Bernyism and Warrenism seem rebellious and anti-establishment to people when they are the exact opposite is not stunning. Cool capitalism makes a badge of honor out of showy, meaningless dissent like this.