Number Six

Machismo travels together with people. Because it’s not part of a landscape. It’s part of people.

The #MeTooers and the Kavanaugh hysterics are completely silent. These victims don’t matter to them. They aren’t rich enough.

10 thoughts on “Number Six”

  1. I don’t understand the connection you are making here. These men committed crimes, their victims sought redress, and they were arrested. That’s the way it’s supposed to work. The #MeToo reaction kicks in when it doesn’t. Worries about immigration status could prevent assault victims from coming forward, so I’m not sure that encouraging local police officers to enforce federal immigration law would do much to improve the situation


    1. Most places in the world have the kind of sexism we around here can’t begin to imagine. Bringing large numbers of people from these sexist societies here means bringing that sexism here. Culture travels with people because culture is people.

      If we had fits of hysteria over Ford Blasey’s story, it’s extremely bizarre to try to import here cultures where what happened to her is not even a minor annoyance but a completely acceptable thing.

      I highly, highly recommend Roberto Valencia’s “Yo, violada” to understand what I’m talking about and what real rape cultures are.


    1. Because the women in question would get their abusive husbands, brothers, etc over here through family reunification in a jiff. Again, abusive behaviors aren’t generated by landscape.


  2. And also: you keep saying Ukrainians and Russians are a bad lot — so no more of them, either? I mean, honestly, these are always the arguments used against immigrants, whatever the group, you can’t imagine how violent all these people are, diseased, and so on.


    1. I would absolutely be 100% against bringing millions of men like those who subjected me to extreme forms of daily sexual harassment since the age of 11.

      And by the way, it would be very tragic for those men if they had to live here, too


  3. I mean: there is a kleptomaniac culture in Russia and Ukraine, therefore those immigrants will steal everything here. And if we don’t accept this logic, it’s because we don’t care about their Russian and Ukrainian victims


    1. Immigration into the US from Russia and Ukraine is closed. So I’m not sure what we are discussing. But as I said, I would absolutely oppose mass migration from Ukraine to the US. It wouldn’t make anybody happy.


    1. If there were a plan to turn Brazil into another El Salvador just because “we need somebody to mow our beautiful lawns” (C), I’d absolutely be against that.


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