Cultural Experiences

I have a friend at church, she’s 69, and has serious health issues. Today, she was barely managing to sit upright. But then I got her to complain about her Ukrainian mother-in-law (who’s been dead since 1986), and my friend came alive. In no time, she was laughing thunderously and talking more animatedly than I’d ever seen her.

“Finally, finally somebody understands what I went through!” she kept exclaiming. Nobody else at the church knows anybody from Ukraine, so the poor woman always felt that people suspected her of exaggerating the mother-in-law’s intrusiveness and imperiousness. And here I was, practically finishing her stories for her because I know exactly what it’s like.

2 thoughts on “Cultural Experiences”

  1. My college girlfriend was threatened by her Ukrainian grandmother that if she didn’t send her the right kind of Christmas card (Hallmark brand) they wouldn’t have a relationship from then on.


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