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That’s how women live almost always almost everywhere. What we have instead of this is an anomaly. A precious, fragile anomaly.

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    1. Have you read JM Coetzee’s novel Disgrace? Coetzee explains it as a manifestation of masochistic postcolonial guilt. It’s absolutely incomprehensible to me but it’s clear that the phenomenon exists. If I’d read the novel before coming to the US, I would have had no appreciation of it because it sounds like a total lunacy to anybody who hasn’t seen Western self-flagellation in action. But now I know it’s real.


      1. “Have you read JM Coetzee’s novel Disgrace?”

        No, but a couple of years ago I proofread an article on it – which seemed to think it was portraying some kind of moral justice (and approved of some especially self-abegnating quotes by the daughter).

        “masochistic postcolonial guilt”

        … or plain old mental illness.


  1. Spiked opened my eyes to an entire new class of statues to be removed for promoting colonialism – (female) settlers’ monuments:

    One could make a name for oneself by being the first to sound the alarm to SJWs crowd. You still have a chance, especially since you’ve become known in university’s diversity center 🙂

    Waiting to hear how your presentation goes and which kind of students are going to diversity events. 🙂


  2. Don’t know enough to judge whether he is right, but it’s curious that a Japanese American is interested in our former region:

    Хироаки Куромия – американский историк японского происхождения, один из ведущих и наиболее известных в мире специалистов по истории Донбасса. Изучая историю СССР периода сталинизма, в конце «перестройки» он заинтересовался историей Донбасса – и около 8 лет проработал в архивах Донецка, Луганска и других городов региона. Автор книг «Свобода и террор в Донбассе: украинский-российское приграничье в 1870-1990-х годах» и «Понять Донбасс».

    Интервью, которое этот историк дал РС


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