Endless Chatter

So there already was an assault weapons ban under Clinton? For 10 years? And it didn’t even work?

Then why, why are we talking about it so much?

P.S. I learned this on Tucker where a Democrat strategist is signing paeans to Walmart while Tucker says… everything the Left used to say about Walmart. We have somehow become the party of Walmart and Google, and that’s disturbing.

Too Little

Every time when people ask me how to publish a lot and I say “write 200 words a day,” the reaction always is, “But that’s so little!”

Two hundred words a day means almost 1,500 a week. And that means an 8,000-word article finished in under 3 months. That’s hardly little. In the Humanities, that’s very good.

Somehow, it always ends with me hearing that I write “too little.”

The Bedbug Drama

If you aren’t following the bedbug vendetta between Bret Stephens and a college professor, you should. Stephens used to be a talented columnist, the best at the NYTimes. But you can’t live as a duck and not learn to quack. Working at the paper that promotes extreme snowflakery awakened Stephens’ own snowflake. His recent column where he compares himself to a Jew in Nazi Germany and a starving Ukrainian during the Holodomor because some idiot professor tweeted some infantile jab against him is in the best tradition of Ilhan Omar’s rhetorical style.

Of course, the professor who unwittingly proved that Stephens is as much of a snowflake as any liberal snowflake is basking in glory. He scored one for the team! Let’s celebrate having found proof that the self-righteous foaming at the mouth we so enjoy is contagious. Now we can all scream “Nazi!!!” at each other. How great!