The Bedbug Drama

If you aren’t following the bedbug vendetta between Bret Stephens and a college professor, you should. Stephens used to be a talented columnist, the best at the NYTimes. But you can’t live as a duck and not learn to quack. Working at the paper that promotes extreme snowflakery awakened Stephens’ own snowflake. His recent column where he compares himself to a Jew in Nazi Germany and a starving Ukrainian during the Holodomor because some idiot professor tweeted some infantile jab against him is in the best tradition of Ilhan Omar’s rhetorical style.

Of course, the professor who unwittingly proved that Stephens is as much of a snowflake as any liberal snowflake is basking in glory. He scored one for the team! Let’s celebrate having found proof that the self-righteous foaming at the mouth we so enjoy is contagious. Now we can all scream “Nazi!!!” at each other. How great!

4 thoughts on “The Bedbug Drama”

  1. I don’t know what you ever saw in Bret Stephens…. even if he was a good writer his opinions have always been repellent…
    The funny thing about the bedbug incident is how he chose (seemingly on principle) the worst possible response at each and every step from his first exaggerated reaction (to a post with 9 likes and no retweets) to cc’ing that to the professor’s provost (how is that not trying to get him in hot water?) To his insufferable TV appearances and the column which garnered not a single positive reaction that I’ve seen. He comes across as a spoiled rich child who’s wondering why that cheeky servant hasn’t been sacked for looking at him the wrong way.
    The professor comes across less like a snowflake and more like a canny provocateur who’s using the episode for branding (and his concern about the NYT publishing a column comparing him to nazis is legit).


    1. Have you read the rest of them, though? The rest of the columnists at the Times are writing about how slavery caused traffic problems in Atlanta today. They are nuts. Stephens used to sound very normal in comparison. Until he started screaming that he’s persecuted by Hitler and Stalin simultaneously.

      We are extremely lucky both participants in the drama are white, because we’d be hearing demands for martial law if one of them weren’t.


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