Whoopi Goldberg Tears into Blacklisters

Finally, somebody with a sense of decency and an understanding of history. If you haven’t yet seen Whoopi Goldberg tell off the modern blacklisters, I highly recommend.

For Tenure

So tenure, right? As abused and degraded as the concept is, the idea behind it is definitely great.

Example. I was in a committee meeting today with one colleague who is Full Professor and a bunch of early tenure-track colleagues. The Full Professor slaughtered. She was so good. She knew everything, could explain the history behind everything, could see through the evil designs of the admin easily. I was good, too. Not as good as the Full but I knew what was going on and that the phrase “the dean should consolidate underperforming departments” should be answered with “I prefer to have this discussion in the presence of a union rep.” The untenured people, on the other hand, very understandably clueless and would have signed off on anything the dean tried to sneak by them.

What a pity tenure will die. And we’ll have nobody but ourselves to blame.