For Tenure

So tenure, right? As abused and degraded as the concept is, the idea behind it is definitely great.

Example. I was in a committee meeting today with one colleague who is Full Professor and a bunch of early tenure-track colleagues. The Full Professor slaughtered. She was so good. She knew everything, could explain the history behind everything, could see through the evil designs of the admin easily. I was good, too. Not as good as the Full but I knew what was going on and that the phrase “the dean should consolidate underperforming departments” should be answered with “I prefer to have this discussion in the presence of a union rep.” The untenured people, on the other hand, very understandably clueless and would have signed off on anything the dean tried to sneak by them.

What a pity tenure will die. And we’ll have nobody but ourselves to blame.

5 thoughts on “For Tenure”

  1. This sounds good, but what can a union rep do if the administration says that there’s only X amount of dollars next year for two “underperforming” departments and the only way to save them is to consolidate them?


    1. It’s all spelled out in the contract. They can’t do anything like that without negotiating with the union. It took over two years to negotiate our contract and it’s the size of OED.


        1. The best part is that the contract prohibits loading people up with unremunerated courses. So no more teaching of 1-3 extra courses for no pay. Everybody teaches their contractual course load and if you don’t have enough people to cover all courses, start hiring. The administration is apoplectic.


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