I Hate September, 5

My friend died. She’s only 51.

Today I’m grieving my son’s death, it’s the 6th anniversary. But for some reason, my friend kept popping into my head, making me angry about her illness.

And then I found out she died.

This is the last time we met:

Atwood’s Sequel

The Handmaid’s Tale (the novel) was pretty crap, so I can only imagine how bad the sequel is going to be. That interest towards it should be manufactured in these inventive ways is kind of sad.

Atwood used to be a great writer but she’s long past her prime (have you read Hag-seed? Brrr), and the only reason she’s resuscitating the silly THT is that the Resister crowd loves the series. I haven’t seen the show and for all I know it might be quite good. But the novel was a dud.

One would think that a major author like Atwood wouldn’t be so in thrall to social media fads but everybody is human, I guess.