Grudging Admiration

Ten hours of Democrats giving passionate town hall speeches about climate – all wiped out with one stroke of a black sharpie marker.

We are so fucked for the next election.

9 thoughts on “Grudging Admiration”

    1. Oh, nothing, he marked up one of the maps of the constantly changing hurricane Dorian with a black sharpie marker, and it’s a huge scandal because… let me see… he did it to claim that the state of Alabama might be threatened by the hurricane somewhat later than the CNN said it. Or something.

      It’s been three days of non-stop coverage of how Trump falsified a completely irrelevant map with a black sharpie marker. Obviously, Trump is milking the scandal for all it’s got, not letting it die.

      In the meanwhile, Democrat presidential contenders had a huge debate on climate change that everybody stopped caring about the second Trump did his black sharpie marker trick.

      He’s going to be so much fun in the general election.


      1. This is how Trump won the first time. He used these stunts to get all of the attention while the other candidates floundered in obscurity.

        And now he has the White Office. It’s so much easier for him to carry out these tricks. Amazingly, the same people who used to condemn the media for giving Trump too much attention in 2015 are falling for every one of these tricks now.

        The black sharpie trick, though, is really hardcore. He wiped out 10 hours of climate debates with one stroke of a marker. We all have something to learn from him.

        And if people say he’s not doing this on purpose, he’s just a crazy narcissist, well, who cares? He gets the results, doesn’t he?


  1. If I remember correctly, a guest on Tucker’s show stated the situation perfectly: Trump is THE ultimate troll master in this political madness. He tosses out an absurd, senseless tweet, and all the “sane” political commentators on CNN and MSNBC take the bait, and spend the entire day, essentially every hour of every “news” show, talking about NOTHING else.

    Over the past several days as I channel-surfed through the three major cable news channels, here’s what I observed: Fox was discussing actual news –the unrest in Hong Kong, the Brexit mess in the UK, the uproar over gun control — and every single time I clicked on CNN and MSNBC, the discussion was either about Trump’s sharpie-altered Alabama weather map, OR about how impoverished military families are being devastated because Trump is diverting military funding to build his wall (a 180-degree switch from the usual progressive argument that the military is vastly over-funded at the expense of more peaceful, humane causes).

    Neither CNN or MSNBC devoted a second to talking about any of the Democratic candidates’ views of climate change, because both channels knew that the various candidates’ statements were so over-the-top idiotic that airing those batshit crazy views would drive ever more voters into the Republican camp.

    When the choice in this election is coming down to Tweeting, lying, demagogue Trump, who at least is keeping the country running with a moderately normal Republican agenda, versus absolutely off-the-wall insane Democrats who want to spend many trillions of dollars to create some kind of bizarre Disney-theme-park Fantasy Land, my money is on a Republican victory in 2020.


    1. They’ve learned nothing. Nothing. They are planning to run on his personality again, making the tired old case that his personality is deeply flawed. I don’t know what needs to happen to ram it into their thick heads that nobody votes for him because they love his personality or don’t understand he’s a self-aggrandizing, narcissistic, ignorant, lying braggart. Everybody knows this. Nobody needs more proof. People simply don’t care. Nobody cares about honest, moral personalities, not even among Democrats or Hillary would have never defeated Bernie.

      Instead of telling voters that Trump failed because he didn’t build the promised wall, these brainiacs are attracting attention to his efforts to build it. And then they call Trump a crazy idiot. He’s a crazy idiot who wins! Dumbasses.


  2. About military funding: Democrats and/or left are always for higher salaries and better health care for soldiers. Not for funding military industrial complex, etc., but everyone deserves a decent living, especially in a hellish job like – infantry, heavens.


    1. “Shutting down the hate machines on social media is a climate action. Instituting humane immigration policy, advocating for racial and gender equality, promoting respect for laws and their enforcement, supporting a free and independent press, ridding the country of assault weapons—these are all meaningful climate actions.”

      🙂 At least, he’s honest about it. 🙂 “Climate” is a shorthand for all sorts of things, many of which are not about the climate. Shutting down unpleasant FB commenters is a very honest proposal. That’s the whole point and the only real climate action we are guaranteed to see. A state of exception always precedes removal of individual rights.


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