Customized Newspaper

Finally, NYTimes allows one to customize the app. I’m glad I didn’t cancel my subscription. Now my paper has zero (zeee-row!) Trump, no identity screechers, no mentions of racismsexismwhitesupremacy, and no opinion columns.

And it turns out that it can be a great paper. I read very good pieces about architecture, surveillance capitalism, automation and the future of work, travel, and cooking. Every time I open the app, I squint because I don’t want even a glimpse of the severely idiotic front page, and press the FOR YOU tab. That tab is like a haven of normalcy I created for myself inside the paper.

By the way, I highly recommend Glenn Gerstel’s article “I Work for N.S.A. We Cannot Afford to Lose the Digital Revolution. Technology is about to upend our entire national security infrastructure.” The entire “Privacy Project” at NYTimes kicks ass.

2 thoughts on “Customized Newspaper”

  1. Would you recommend not US readers to buy a subscription too if they want one good news source about America and liquid modernity? I read GG’s article and loved it. Do such materials appear frequently there?

    Are there other news sources of good quality you enjoy?


    1. No, absolutely not. It’s a propaganda outlet for rich champions of aggressive globalization. They sneak propaganda even into recipes of Sunday meals.

      There is no single source. That’s why everybody is using news aggregators or create their own.


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