The 9/11 Scandal

Folks, fascinating Tucker today on how the US government has been preventing the families of the 9/11 victims from suing the government of Saudi Arabia for being complicit in the attack.

This is a real 9/11 scandal that we need to hear more about.

The Booker Shortlist

The Booker Prize shortlist this year has 4 duds and two really good novels. One maybe even a masterpiece and one simply very good.

I think that’s great for one year.

The duds are pretty duddy, though.

Reviews of the really good ones will appear eventually. I’m a little overwhelmed right now, and one of them is extremely long.


The cartoon is stunning but it’s not really true. Nobody’s attention span is that long. From past experience, I know that the few people who will mention 9/11 in my blogroll will do so to make some tepid partisan gesture.

I wasn’t in this country when it happened and had no plans at all to become an American but I still remember how stunned I was by the vicious reaction of some people I knew to the tragedy of 9/11.