The 9/11 Scandal

Folks, fascinating Tucker today on how the US government has been preventing the families of the 9/11 victims from suing the government of Saudi Arabia for being complicit in the attack.

This is a real 9/11 scandal that we need to hear more about.

8 thoughts on “The 9/11 Scandal”

  1. This is old news. The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FSIA), which has been current U.S. law since 1976, specifically prevents private citizens from suing any foreign country for any reason. Older versions of sovereign immunity laws have been in effect in America since at least 1812, when an American citizen tried to sue France for damages caused by a French warship in a U.S. harbor.

    The Supreme Court will have to rule that an exception to FSIA is appropriate in this case for the 9/11 lawsuit to go forward.

    Like it or not, that’s the law.


      1. “Do watch.”

        I record the show every night so I can fast-forward through Tucker’s more indignant rants, but accidentally deleted tonight’s show along with two recorded episodes of “Boris Karloff’s Thriller.”

        So at your suggestion I’ll record tonight’s rerun when Fox shows it again in 90 minutes.


        1. Klara told me today she’s pretending to watch Tucker on TV.

          “What’s he saying?” I asked.

          “That America is great and the American flag is beautiful to see,” she explained.

          I have no idea where she gets this from but I’m glad she’s unaware of Rachel Maddow’s existence.


  2. I just had a look at the episode, and saw the representative of the families saying that they have identified 11 officials in the Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs who provided logistical support for the attack…

    I would like to say, first of all, that it is outlandish that the Saudi government would decide to attack the United States. Why would it do that? The US was providing security to the Saudis. Or are we to suppose that the Saudi government had secretly sided with its greatest critic, Osama bin Laden, and decided to force American troops out of the country by backing Al Qaeda?!

    If there is any explanation for the large number of Saudis who provided the “muscle” for 9/11, it has more to do with a Saudi policy of encouraging their most dangerous citizens, the ones with jihadist impulses, to act on those impulses in some place far away – Algeria, Bosnia, Chechnya… – rather than at home.

    People will then point to Saudi officials having played a role in getting the 9/11 Saudis into America, and supporting them while they were there. Here it starts to get multilayered. There would no doubt be an ordinary level of support by Saudi officials for Saudis in America, the way that consulates provide consular support to any citizens of their country while traveling.

    But the deeper layers here would have a covert dimension. I recall stories about figures from Saudi intelligence assisting some of the future hijackers. Well, the most straightforward explanation here, is that Saudi intelligence knew these men were dangerous, and were monitoring them for that reason. Deeper down the rabbithole, you can suppose a counterintelligence dimension, in which e.g. Saudi intelligence (working with CIA?) was allowing plots to unfold in order to learn about logistics, financing, command and control, and so forth – only to discover that the plot at the heart of it all was the biggest terrorist attack in history.

    (Somewhere out there is a book by an American journalist, in which it is hinted that Al Qaeda was expected to hijack planes and take hostages. I have often wondered if this was part of how 9/11 happened – that there was a counterintelligence double-cross, in which a source told American intelligence that the planes would be hijacked and then hostages used to make demands, American intelligence was directed to let the plot unfold, but then the hijacked planes turned out to be a suicide attack instead.)

    I have no particular opinion on the merits of allowing the lawsuit to proceed. It might after all turn up something significant. I suppose I mostly want to rebut the notion that Saudi Arabia was the state sponsor of 9/11, but I think that is only proposed by people who think that Islam proceeds always and only by jihad, and that Saudi Arabia, being the geographic center of Islam, is also the braintrust of the world jihad. I believe instead in the messy kind of picture I just described, and I suppose it is quite possible that Saudi intelligence (or its political masters) share in that kind of culpability for the attack.


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