Of course, the favorability lead that Democrats had just a year ago has collapsed:

Last fall, most Americans had a favorable view of the Democratic Party, according to the Pew Research Center. This year, the polling has flipped. Most Americans now have an unfavorable view of the party, no better than their view of the Republican Party. Likewise, slightly more voters say the “ideas being offered by the Democratic candidates” would hurt the country than say would help, according to the NPR poll.

Each Dem debate makes things worse. The candidates are trying to outdo each other in SJW screechiness to the point where one starts to wonder if they have managed to delude themselves into confusing Twitter with reality. All they need to do to win is shut up already but they seem incapable.

2 thoughts on “Unfavorable”

  1. I hope that you’ve been watching MSNBC and CNN tonight, Clarissa. Both channels have been closely following two “bellwether” special congressional races in North Carolina that were supposed to be a test of how weak Trump is in states like that. Throughout the evening, both channels kept repeating how low Trumps’ approval rating is among non-Republicans . In the end, BOTH Republicans WON their special elections, one by a wide margin and the other in an uncontested victory.

    MSNBC and CNN hosts are already making the spin that the only reason the Republican candidates won is because Trump had to come to NC and campaign personally for them. >>> Pretty weak sauce, to say that Trump’s personal campaigning helped the victors, despite how unpopular he’s supposed to be! <<<

    To quote you, Clarissa: “The Democrats are so fucked for 2020.”


  2. The City on the 107th Floor
    Windows on the World was a dream,” Quddus says. “We were a family from so many countries. I learned so much. I took care of my family. I sent money home. Everything I could do was because of Windows. When I lost Windows, I lost my dream.”


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