More Conclusion

Even on foreign policy – foreign policy! – the only person who made any sense was Biden. Biden! On foreign policy! The vice-president in an administration that sucked something fierce on foreign policy!

I hate Biden on foreign policy. But at least he has a position. Everybody else is … I have no words. It’s shameful to come so egregiously unprepared to a debate.

On education, Bernie announced that “we have the highest childhood poverty rate of almost any country on Earth.” What are you going to say to that? He clearly likes Trump as president if he isn’t even trying to prepare for his own damn campaign. So disappointing.

I don’t like or want Biden. But he’s the only one I never fast-forwarded in this debate.

Debate Conclusion

This is the first debate I watched. Biden won, hands down. Nobody came close. Bernie is fading. Everybody else is a joke. Caveat: Klobuchar did fine but nobody knows her, unfortunately.

And it’s not that Biden won because he’s so amazing. He stood 10 feet above everybody else on that stage because they are all bit players with no ideas that anybody but a very well-to-do, sheltered, extremely fortunate person can like. They are all rich folk candidates, that’s the problem.

Better Late, 4

I have no idea why Castro accused Biden of losing the plot. On this particular stage, this wasn’t Biden’s problem. He was sharp.

The crazy Yang character justified his entire useless existence by saying “I’m Asian so I know a lot of doctors.” He should invite Warren to be his running mate. They are at the same level of mental confusion.

I fast-forwarded through the whole “white supremacy is on the rise, systemic racism ate my kitten” part because it’s embarrassing to see so many people making such asses out of themselves.

No matter what question is asked, Warren looks like a scared clucking hen. “The Second Amendment exists because of corruption!” Batty and nutty.

Better Late, 3

Biden is actually doing well. Compared to Warren who is out-Kardashianing AOC, he’s a star. I think he wiped the floor with both Warren and Bernie on healthcare. He was cool, composed and reasonable. He made the great point that worries me a lot but nobody ever makes: destroying private health insurance altogether is a huge gift to employers at taxpayers’ expense.

Even Klobuchar did better than Bernie on healthcare but then the moderator interrupted her very reasonable speech to give the floor to the annoyingly warbling Warren. I’m starting to think Warren is the one in neurological decline because she’s not making sense.

Better Late, 2

Bernie is right about the oligarchic society. But he never mentions who these new oligarchs are, what’s different about them, and how they are getting all this power. So I don’t trust him to do anything. He’s as terrified of the surveillance capitalists as anybody and his weak jabs about raising taxes on “billionaires” mean nothing.

As for Biden, I’m sorry he’s in neurological decline because he really knocked the silly airhead lady on the nose. That was enjoyable.

Not only is Warren dense, she’s completely dishonest. I don’t know why she keeps getting grouped with Bernie. Bernie is smart and at least honest. His healthcare plan is still horrible but at least there is a plan.

Better Late

I’m only now watching the debate, and this Andrew Yang fellow is creepy and disgusting, throwing alms to idiots.

When Buttigieg opens his mouth, I fall asleep. What a boring guy.

Harris tries to revive her campaign by doing the angry fishwife routine that gave her some minor popularity after the first debate.

Another Debate

How is it humanly possible that Andrew Yang made it to tonight’s debate and Tulsi Gabbard didn’t? What sense does it make?

Creepy Marianne with her bizarre word soup won’t be there, which is a definite plus.

Should I watch tonight to find out in what inventive ways Democrats continue to demolish their chances or is it too upsetting?

Comedy Club

This has become comedic:

In her latest proposal to redistribute wealth in the United States, Ms. Warren calls for raising taxes on the rich to expand Social Security benefits.

Raise taxes on the rich and pay for free healthcare, free college, GND, debt forgiveness, expanded Social Security, welfare for everybody on the planet who cares to show up and ask for it, and a personal Santa for everybody!

I find it incomprehensible that anybody takes this lady seriously. Her entire program I the equivalent of “Mexico will pay for the wall” extended to every area of life.