Another Debate

How is it humanly possible that Andrew Yang made it to tonight’s debate and Tulsi Gabbard didn’t? What sense does it make?

Creepy Marianne with her bizarre word soup won’t be there, which is a definite plus.

Should I watch tonight to find out in what inventive ways Democrats continue to demolish their chances or is it too upsetting?

24 thoughts on “Another Debate”

  1. I’m skipping out on the debate and enjoying the angry reactions to Trump banning flavored vape juice. You’d think he legalized murder or something.

    It’s interesting how everyone parrots the same pro-vaping industry lines; these are real people on my facebook, so it’s not paid advertising by the vaping industry. Apparently this 6 billion dollar industry is fighting against Big Tobacco out of the goodness of their hearts. Touching.


      1. People are whining saying nobody’s going after smoking. The thing is, we all hate smoking and know it’s bad, and we passed regulations ages ago (although I’m always open to more! Ohio just raised the smoking age to 21.) Meanwhile the vaping industry has escaped scrutiny, until now. People also argue that vaping is less harmful than smoking and can be a good harm reduction measure for former smokers. I don’t dispute that, but it ignores that vaping companies are targeting kids who weren’t smoking in the first place. Teachers I know have seen it, and statistics back them up.

        Haven’t read this but this seems like the typical claptrap you see around this topic:


        1. Exactly! Students tell me there is a lot of vaping in their generation. A lot! And just when smoking was going down among the young. Vaping definitely needs to be regulated heavily.


          1. People accuse us of all sorts of strawmen, like that we’re claiming vaping is more harmful than smoking, or that we don’t care about smoking or opioid deaths. All blatantly untrue. I just want to see all corporations held to account and firmly regulated, especially those selling harmful drugs.


  2. Well, the debate is off to a great start: The very first moderator to speak is rattling off some speech in Spanish. My, how impressive!


  3. I love Tulsi! The media keeps trying to attack her for the homophobic beliefs that she held in the past, but she says she’s now strongly in favor of LGBT rights, and I believe her. If we believe in social justice, we should applaud people when they change their minds like this, right? So we should stop debating Gabbard’s “homophobia.”


    1. Nah, the worst moderator is Linsey Davis. Every candidate whom she’s questioned has completely ignored the question and changed the subject completely, and Davis neither calls the candidate on this nor makes any effort to cut the speaker off when the allowed time is up.

      She asked Biden about his views on slavery repatriations, and his entire answer was about teachers’ pay. When she finally said “Thank you” (meaning “Shut up, your time is over”), Biden replied, “No, if everybody else gets double-time, so do I,” and he kept going.


  4. Ramos to Sanders: “How is your socialism different from that of Venezuela, Nicaragua, etc.?”
    And now the vegan question! Stupid, stupid!


  5. Sanders to Ramos: “How is your socialism different from that of Venezuela, Nicaragua, etc.?”
    And then the vegan question! Stupid!


  6. Okay, this debate wasn’t as entertaining as I’d hoped. (I should have watched the 1951 epic movie spectacular “Quo Vadis” on the movie channel instead.)

    Some highlights of tonight’s debate:

    Harris’ repeated bouts of sudden, inappropriate hysterical laughter at other candidates’ comments. (She hasn’t shown this trait in previous debates.)

    Castro’s repeated flat-footed, one-line attempts to ridicule Biden’s age.

    Some unexplained prolonged catcalling from the audience near the end of the debate that completely halted the process for several minutes before it was brought under control.

    Most amazing fantasy-world answer for future Republican ads: Warren’s detailed plan to put a “wealth tax” on the richest Americans and then use this tax money to pay for literally EVERYTHING — free medical care for everybody, totally free college, elimination of student loans, raised teacher pay and vastly improved schools, elimination of all poverty in the nation, etc., etc., etc., and even result in lower taxes for middle-class families! NOBODY — none of the other candidates, not a single moderator — questioned her about this lunacy.

    Somehow I missed the “vegan” question. There was almost no discussion about climate change or the New Green Deal at all.


    1. The “vegan question”: “You are a vegan since 2014, and that’s obviously a personal choice,” moderator Jorge Ramos said to Sen. Cory Booker during the Democratic debate. “Should people follow your diet?”

      And then did I correctly hear one of the other moderators ask Joe Biden about something he said 40 years ago? WTF?! I’m no Biden fan, but let’s stop asking him about his positions from decades ago (e.g., the busing issue from the first or second debate) and instead let’s focus on what he thinks now and what he’s said recently. Everyone’s views evolve over time, or at least they should, I think.


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