Better Late

I’m only now watching the debate, and this Andrew Yang fellow is creepy and disgusting, throwing alms to idiots.

When Buttigieg opens his mouth, I fall asleep. What a boring guy.

Harris tries to revive her campaign by doing the angry fishwife routine that gave her some minor popularity after the first debate.

6 thoughts on “Better Late”

      1. Right now I am looking for really basic things. Give me a candidate who will not start World War III abroad or a civil war at home. For example, it very well may be true that we would be a safer healthier country if all civilian-owned AR-15 magically disappeared. That being said, Beto openly calling for confiscations of AR-15s is asking for a civil war.


            1. \ I remain terrified that he will launch nuclear missiles

              What?!!! It seems like a completely impossible thing for any US president to do. It is about as likely as aliens from outer space landing on earth.

              And whom he will attack anyway? Russia? Iran? Iraq? China? I truly have no idea. Or rather, if one believes nuclear weapons may be used on a whim, for no good reason, the possibilities become endless.


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