Saved by Audible

I tried reading Sergio Ramírez I don’t know how many times, and I just couldn’t. Something in the way he constructs phrases makes me get distracted and lose interest. I tried and tried and tried but I never got beyond the first 10 pages of anything by him.

But then I started listening to a novel of his on Audible, and it’s actually going a lot better. I have no explanation but I need to try this with other authors I find impossible to process through reading.

Union Update

The union raised my salary by a little over $3,000 per year. The yearly dues are about 1/10 of that.

This isn’t what I assume or what the union says. This is what the university puts on my pay stub (“union-negotiated increase.”)

Of course, even after the contract was finally signed, the administration is trying to sabotage it with all it’s got. So the fight isn’t over. But I hope the people who kept saying that the union dues are too high are reading their pay stubs. This is an excellent return on investment. There’s absolutely nothing else you can do at our school to get a raise like that. We barely get cost of living increases, and merit payments have been dead for years.

A Wokester Awakens

This is a long and extremely stupid article but I do recommend parts 6-9 of it where a dumb, rich wokester (a tautology, if there ever was one) discovers that wokesterism is horrible.

The wokester is still not ready to abandon the cause, obviously. Here he is, years after the election, making sure the world knows he’s a crap parent but a faithful wokester:

The morning after the election, the kids cried. They cried for people close to us, Muslims and immigrants who might be in danger, and perhaps they also cried for the lost illusion that their parents could make things right. Our son lay on the couch and sobbed inconsolably until we made him go to the bus stop.

The kids were obviously performing to please the parents, but how sad that they should already know their class status hinges on behaving like a 19th-century Russian landowner who weeps that her serfs are so imperfect.

Word Soup

Why I say Warren is insane:

I want to see us expand legal immigration and create a pathway to citizenship for our Dreamers, but also for their grandparents and for their cousins, for people who have overstayed student visas, and for people who came here to work in the fields.

This is from the debate. I’m not even asking why she’s advocating something so bizarre. There is no reason. It’s word soup with no particular meaning behind it.

Victims vs Winners

It’s very fitting that yesterday’s debate ended with a question that got every candidate whining about how they are huge victims.

As I said, these are candidates for rich folks. They have absolutely no idea that anybody who’s not wealthy or born privileged finds this kind of thing deeply repellent.

Normal people respond a lot better – A LOT, I said – to the Trump-style “I’m rich and successful, and I feel great about it.” You can detest Trump but that part of this schtick is endearing. And stories of personal hardship are annoying. Trying to get sympathy for hardship experienced by immigrant parents is vomit-inducing.

“I grew up in a rent-controlled apartment in Brooklyn!” pompously announced Bernie. A guy in an opulent mansion who’s been a professional politician forever is feeling sorry for himself because 70 years ago his parents’ apartment was rent-controlled. And because he lost his first two elections. A tragedy the likes of which the world hasn’t seen!

[And yes, Republicans also used to do the weepy “I’m a son of a maid and a barman” rant. And then Trump wiped the floor with them.]

Even on this horrible question, though, Biden lucked into a win. A bunch of rich brats in the audience threw a tantrum the second he started speaking, making him look like he’s standing up to the crazy wing of the party that everybody fears.