A Wokester Awakens

This is a long and extremely stupid article but I do recommend parts 6-9 of it where a dumb, rich wokester (a tautology, if there ever was one) discovers that wokesterism is horrible.

The wokester is still not ready to abandon the cause, obviously. Here he is, years after the election, making sure the world knows he’s a crap parent but a faithful wokester:

The morning after the election, the kids cried. They cried for people close to us, Muslims and immigrants who might be in danger, and perhaps they also cried for the lost illusion that their parents could make things right. Our son lay on the couch and sobbed inconsolably until we made him go to the bus stop.

The kids were obviously performing to please the parents, but how sad that they should already know their class status hinges on behaving like a 19th-century Russian landowner who weeps that her serfs are so imperfect.

5 thoughts on “A Wokester Awakens”

  1. Never heard of a ‘wokester’ let alone ‘wokesterism’. I’m still coming to terms with a hipster being a man with a large beard and nothing to do with Jack Kerouac. A few years ago a man with a large beard was a terrorist and before that he was Santa!


  2. I like the term “wokester” because it’s so accurate. These really are the same people who identified as hipsters 5-7 years ago.


  3. What an overwrought person. You can totally talk about the news of the day, politics, civics, etc. with your kids without traumatizing like this, and while I understand that the process of getting into schools is hairy nowadays, you don’t have to make it about identity and so on in this way.


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