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Construction workers are getting outdated.

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  1. Manual labour won’t be the first thing to go, mind, variations of whitecollar clerical work will. To automate the first, you need machinery, to automate the second, you just need software.


  2. The most important question for many now is whether robot-built dwellings will bring us cheaper prices. Apartment prices went up around 200%-250% in Israel only a few years ago, while salaries remained the same.


          1. \ World-wide gentrification

            I don’t understand what you mean. What / Who drives the prices up?
            Are we sure the causes are the same in different countries?


            1. The causes are the same. They have to do with the way the global financial system functions. Huge loads of debt are making this possible. The debt explodes, the people don’t care, the financiers profit.


  3. From Ukraine:

    У жены назначенного в субботу губенартором Днепропетровской областной администрации Александра Бондаренко Регины – гражданство Российской Федерации.


    Зеленский выступил с «Кварталом 95» на закрытой вечеринке Пинчука


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