Union Update

The union raised my salary by a little over $3,000 per year. The yearly dues are about 1/10 of that.

This isn’t what I assume or what the union says. This is what the university puts on my pay stub (“union-negotiated increase.”)

Of course, even after the contract was finally signed, the administration is trying to sabotage it with all it’s got. So the fight isn’t over. But I hope the people who kept saying that the union dues are too high are reading their pay stubs. This is an excellent return on investment. There’s absolutely nothing else you can do at our school to get a raise like that. We barely get cost of living increases, and merit payments have been dead for years.

One thought on “Union Update”

  1. Clarissa, I have always been fascinated by Nick Hanauer. His TED talk here summarizes a more optimistic view of what is a possible way of coping with neoliberalism. I almost never watch videos this long, but this is excellent. Of course, admittedly, I very much enjoyed the Democratic debate last night.


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