Victims vs Winners

It’s very fitting that yesterday’s debate ended with a question that got every candidate whining about how they are huge victims.

As I said, these are candidates for rich folks. They have absolutely no idea that anybody who’s not wealthy or born privileged finds this kind of thing deeply repellent.

Normal people respond a lot better – A LOT, I said – to the Trump-style “I’m rich and successful, and I feel great about it.” You can detest Trump but that part of this schtick is endearing. And stories of personal hardship are annoying. Trying to get sympathy for hardship experienced by immigrant parents is vomit-inducing.

“I grew up in a rent-controlled apartment in Brooklyn!” pompously announced Bernie. A guy in an opulent mansion who’s been a professional politician forever is feeling sorry for himself because 70 years ago his parents’ apartment was rent-controlled. And because he lost his first two elections. A tragedy the likes of which the world hasn’t seen!

[And yes, Republicans also used to do the weepy “I’m a son of a maid and a barman” rant. And then Trump wiped the floor with them.]

Even on this horrible question, though, Biden lucked into a win. A bunch of rich brats in the audience threw a tantrum the second he started speaking, making him look like he’s standing up to the crazy wing of the party that everybody fears.

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