Word Soup

Why I say Warren is insane:

I want to see us expand legal immigration and create a pathway to citizenship for our Dreamers, but also for their grandparents and for their cousins, for people who have overstayed student visas, and for people who came here to work in the fields.

This is from the debate. I’m not even asking why she’s advocating something so bizarre. There is no reason. It’s word soup with no particular meaning behind it.

8 thoughts on “Word Soup”

  1. Loved this American photo with the Statue of Liberty in the distance:

    Regarding Zelenski, don’t you think some Ukrainian bloggers are as alarmist about him as some Liberals about Trump? Just read yet another post from the linked blogger how Ze is going to sell the country to Russians. The question of what Ze has to win from this remains unanswered.

    We’ll have a new round of elections 17.9 in Israel. The only good thing is that I’ll receive a day off. 🙂 Will vote as usual. Netanyahu said something about annexing the Jordan Valley, but after reading the below post against it, I fail to understand why saying we’ll do it one day is a bad thing when it’s a given anyway.

    Why Empty Annexation Threats Are Still Threatening


    1. Zelensky doesnt exist as an independent entity. He’s a puppet put in place by the creator of the TV series which eventually brought Zelensky to the presidency. The creator of the series lost his bank because of Poroshenko and just simply wants the bank back. We wouldn’t be in this mess if Poroshenko didn’t mess with this guy’s stupid bank. This is what it’s all about: an angry banker who happened to own the main TV channel in Ukraine.


      1. And as for what he’s got to win from merging Ukraine and Russia, he’s a banker. Globalization and erasure of borders is what he lives for. International banking doesn’t like borders.


        1. // International banking doesn’t like borders.

          Does it like Putin’s ability to take his bank any moment without a pretense of legality?

          Any banking can be better done in Ukraine and in EU, if Ukraine ever joins, than in corrupt regimes.


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