Klara Stories

“Mommy, Mommy!” exclaims Klara. “I have amazing news! Letters c and k make the same noise!”


The priest’s wife had her birthday today. Klara counted 7 candles on the birthday cake.

“Joan is turning 7 years old today,” she informed everybody.

The popadiya was very happy about this interpretation.

Everybody Is Cooking Rice

There’s this children’s book called “Everybody Is Cooking Rice.” At first, it’s cute. A girl visits every house on her street and sees that everybody is making a rice dish for dinner.

“The Diazes are from Mexico. They came here a year ago. They are cooking rice!

“The Bahns are from Vietnam. They came here 3 months ago. They are cooking rice!”

As the book goes on, though, it gets creepy. Everybody is from someplace else. Everybody just came here 5 minutes ago. Everybody barely speaks English.

By the end of the book, you fully expect to find a Trump campaign sticker attached to the last page asking people to donate money if they don’t want to be replaced.