Klara Stories

“Mommy, Mommy!” exclaims Klara. “I have amazing news! Letters c and k make the same noise!”


The priest’s wife had her birthday today. Klara counted 7 candles on the birthday cake.

“Joan is turning 7 years old today,” she informed everybody.

The popadiya was very happy about this interpretation.

5 thoughts on “Klara Stories

  1. Essential reading here. All of it is bad, but I’d like to excerpt this bit which relates to surveillance capitalism:

    “On the education-related programs, Representative Katie Hill, Democrat of California, criticized the company for its sponsorship of the summer camp in Baltimore and a contract last year with LifeSkills, a Kentucky outfit that was supposed to offer a health program for more than 1,000 children. She accused Juul of financing such camps in exchange for data about test scores, surveys and activity logs.

    She grilled Ashley Gould, the company’s chief administrative officer, about the programs and asked why Juul would need such data. “I’m not aware of that,” Ms. Gould said, but also defended the grants and outreach to schools.

    “Anything we undertook in the educational space was intended to keep kids away from using the product,” Ms. Gould said.

    In a tweet after the hearing, Congresswoman Hill noted the data sharing, and asked: “Think that’s messed up? So do I. And I can only imagine the possible uses of that data in the hands of big tobacco.”

    Be sure to read it all, if you haven’t already read this (you keep up with the news better than I do.)


  2. At her age, I thought seven was a very realistic guess at the age of adults. By the time I was four or so, I was having doubts — I thought some might be 27 and others 37. It is strange since at 3 I thought it was reasonable that my grandmother, an old lady, should be 73 and her son, my father, 7.


  3. We always forget how much of what we take for granted or don’t give a second thought to are things that had to be pointed out to us, or brought to our attention, or was something we “finally figured out at long last” at an early or earlier stage in our life.


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