Who Needs Soaps?

Fresh developments in the Ilhan Omar and her brother-husband saga.

7 thoughts on “Who Needs Soaps?”

  1. “Who Needs Soaps?”

    Okay, since nobody but me is apparently willing to ask: Are you implying that nobody in Ilhan Omar’s family — neither she nor her brother/husband nor her father — has ever used any soap brands (say “Dial” or “Zest” or “Dove”) to wash the stench of incest way??

    Instead, they just followed Hillary’s lead and “wiped” the stain off Omar’s server the same way Hillary Clinton did with hers, explaining, “What? Like with a cloth or something??”

    Well, I guess different customs, different habits of personal and digital hygiene.


  2. During an interview, Omar showed a reporter cellphone photos of documents from her family’s U.S. entry in 1995 after fleeing Somalia’s civil war. She declined to provide copies of the papers, which included refugee resettlement approval forms and identification cards, but they appeared to list her father, siblings and Omar by order of birth, with Omar as the youngest of seven children. No one named Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, who is three years younger than Omar, could be seen listed in the documents.

    “For someone like me, who left a war-torn country at the age of 8, who got refugee status to come to America, where in the world am I finding a sibling 15 years, 20 years later to seek to do what people accuse me of?” Omar said.



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