Kid Logic

Klara loves the Kids Night Out at school. It’s a sort of a babysitting thing where you can leave the kids at school from 6:30 to 10:30 pm and have a date night with your husband. The kids get a movie and a pizza, build forts out of pillows, and make art. Klara is indifferent to pizza (“because it makes my mouth all spicy, mommy. I’d rather have a salad instead”) and is too young to enjoy a movie. She loves the pillow forts and the art, though.

“Mommy, don’t come to get me too early,” she says. “I want to stay playing with my friends.”

“But I miss you so much,” I explain. “This is why I come early.”

“It’s ok, mommy,” she says soothingly. “I have a brilliant idea. I’ll draw you a picture, and it will be beautiful, with a lot of glitter. So you can play with the picture while I’m away, and you won’t be bored!”