Smarts in Politics

Biden is proposing an $8,000 tax credit to defray childcare costs. I’m not sure if he means an addition of $8,000 on top of the existing $5,000 or an addition of $3,000 to the current $5,000. I also wish he were smarter and didn’t tie the tax credit to childcare or say that it’s about putting “720 million women back in the workforce.” Aside from the silly gaffe, there’s zero need to alienate the women who aren’t planning to join the workforce.

Trump’s child tax credit isn’t tied to childcare and is consequently liked by more people. Plus, there isn’t a feeling that an ideology is being imposed on you in return for the tax break. Note that Trump isn’t offering any special breaks to women who decide to leave their jobs, alienating the millions who don’t want to do that.

As a politician, you should try to get more people to like you instead of using your virtue signaling to repel as many groups as possible. If suburban moms are an important electoral category, then why upset 60% of them like this?

Even a good initiative that could attract voters is worded in a way that will achieve the opposite goal. How come even Trump always ends up being smarter than this?

7 thoughts on “Smarts in Politics”

  1. Trump is a professional salesman with a degree from Wharton which is probably America’s top business school. In terms of appealing to customers, which translates directly into appealing to voters, he is much more experienced and better educated than the Dems.

    If the Dem candidates would stoop to doing anything as low-brow as getting an MBA they might stand a chance but they would rather look down their noses at the ignorant masses and push their ideology.


    1. You must mean the current Presidential candidates. Schultz built an undeniably successful huge business (but didn’t have an MBA).
      I can’t speak to how accurate this article still is (published in 2012) but there’s a healthy mix of Democrats and Republicans with MBAs listed.

      This article here shows the composition of the freshman class of the 116th Congress (the latest session). Not every one of the 15 reps with MBAs are Republicans.


      1. Yes, I was only referring to Trump’s election opponents. They seem to be ignoring his real skills and experience and doubling down on ideology.


    2. I have no idea, truly none, why Democrats don’t try to imitate some of his strategies. I watched the recent New Mexico rally. Trump says, “Elites, everybody talks about elites. I’m more elite than anybody!” The crowd goes wild. Even I loved it. Compared to the Dem debate where all of the millionaires on stage were sharing weepy stories about their victimhood, this was great. But Democrats are not getting it. They aren’t seeing that nobody responds to this crap.

      I’ve been thinking, and I realized that I’m successful as a teacher because I employ some of the same rhetorical strategies as Trump. Instead of fake self-deprecation common among female professors especially, I beam out the message that I’m brilliant, I’m amazing, I’m uniquely qualified. Instead of the scolding, guilt-tripping strategies common among Democratic presidential contenders and college professors, I use humor. That’s what works.


  2. Justin Trudeau is toast and Harper will probably win. He had other scandals going on, and I’m sure Clarissa is thrilled, but I’m so disappointed in him as a human being.

    (Yes, I saw the Patriot Act episode with the Justin Trudeau interview. )


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