More Anti-Semites in the Women’s March

The Women’s March put yet another anti-semitic anti-feminist on its board and then had to fire her because she’s too scary.

How they manage to find all these anti-semites who dislike women is a mystery. It’s like the whole organization exists to give a platform to this sort of folk. I don’t know where they are marching but it seems like a very icky place.

2 thoughts on “More Anti-Semites in the Women’s March”

  1. “another anti-semitic anti-feminist”

    They absolutely want a token hijabi for the optics and the odds of finding a public ‘progresive’ hijabi without deeply ingrained anti-woman and/or anti-semitic leanings… is not high.


    1. From the new Rushdie novel on the progressive uses of the hijab:

      ““I’m not fucking fighting to defend women’s right to wear the veil, the hijab, the niqab, whatever,” she declaimed. “All these young women these days who describe the veil as a signifier of their identity. I tell them they are suffering from what that presently unfashionable philosopher Karl Marx would have called false consciousness. In most of the world the veil is not a free choice. Women are forced into invisibility by men. These girls in the West making their quote-unquote free choices are legitimizing the oppression of their sisters in the parts of the world where the choice is not free. That’s what I tell them, and they are very shocked. They tell me they find my remarks offensive. I tell them I feel the same way about the veil.”


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