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Anti-Putin Shaman

There is this anti-Putin shaman in Siberia who thinks he can rid the country of Putin with his magical incantations.

Putin sent 40 heavily armed special ops guys to arrest the unarmed middle-aged shaman. Why? Because he thinks that shaman’s magical incantations actually work.

Yes, he’s that stupid.

Now, in the best Soviet tradition, the poor shaman will be institutionalized and force-fed psychotropics until he goes completely mad.

The shaman had a lot of popular support, by the way. People in his region still live in medieval times.

Trump and Ukraine

What I dislike in the reporting on the whole whistleblower story is not even that it’s sensationalized and belated, presenting as fresh news something that was widely known months ago. What I hate is the smug and very American conviction that Americans are in control of the world and everybody else is a powerless, dumb pawn.

In the Trump / Zelensky story what happened is that at the beginning of Zelensky’s presidency, Ukrainians tried to keep hold on Trump’s waning interest in Ukraine by offering Trump dirt on Joe Biden. Trump considered it for a while but, as of now, at least, hasn’t agreed. I obviously don’t know why but if I had to guess, it’s probably because he’s too vain to admit he needs help to wipe out anybody as unappealing to voters as Biden.

The problem here is not that a weak, poor country tries to manipulate a large, strong country into liking it. The real problem is that Ukrainians do have dirt on Biden. There’s some really corrupt stuff that went on. And that was long before Trump got elected.

The whole narrative of “Trump tried to blackmail Ukrainians into betraying Biden,” are you kidding me? Ukrainians are playing a very weak hand because the corruption in the country is still insane, and everybody is getting tired of Ukraine’s empty promises to do something about it.

Love Americans but this idea that nobody on the planet has thoughts, needs, plans, ideas, and desires of their own and is just an object of Americans’ actions, a passive, empty vessel to be filled by Americans is beyond maddening. If people elsewhere live in shit, it’s not because they aren’t hardcore. It’s probably because they are too hardcore.

If any of you read Las Casas, Americans feel about the world the same way Las Casas felt about the indigenous, seeing nothing but pathetic, stupid victims and missing the whole part where the indigenous were fierce warriors, great artists, brilliant scholars, and intimidating, powerful dudes.