Class Belonging

My 14-year-old daughter has been inspired by Thunberg to strike today, skipping classes to head to protests in downtown Washington, D.C. She has also suffered bouts of anxiety, and I long to build a seawall that can protect her from her fears. But her example, and Thunberg’s doomsaying, have made me realize that my parental desire to calm is the stuff of childish fantasy; anxiety is the mature response. To protect our children, we need to embrace their despair.

The reason why wealthy people encourage their kids to fake despair is the same that drives them to put their children into Ivy-oriented preschools and start building their CVs at age 5. It’s a mark of belonging to the upper classes. You need to do chic things that are unaccessible to the proles, and this is one of them.

The anxiety on display here is real. It’s the anxiety about potentially being kicked out of the privileged class.

5 thoughts on “Class Belonging”

  1. Since it’s also connected to kids and sensibilities:

    Нам сегодня даже сложно представить себе, насколько насилие было нормой во всех областях жизни. Откроем «Новую азбуку» гуманиста Льва Николаевича Толстого. 1875 год.

    I am rarely shocked, but reading this by Leo Tolstoy (!) did the job.


    1. Kids learn to process their violent impulses, and pretending those impulses don’t exist is not a good idea. Little kids are violent, angry creatures. Teaching them how to direct these violent impulses into symbolic violence is a large part of socialization.


  2. Regarding Thunberg as a religious leader:

    (Google translate) The worship of Grete becomes quasi-religious in nature. “Greta Thunberg is the prophet of our time! .. She is completely comparable to the biblical prophets,” broadcasts the Swedish social democrat and radical feminist Anna Ardin (who was allegedly raped by Julian Assange and who now serves as the “deaconess” in the dwarf pseudo-Christian sect). Gretina’s mother, Malena Ernman, gives her daughter supernatural powers; EurAsia Daily quoted her as saying: “Greta belongs to the small number of people who can see carbon dioxide with the naked eye. She saw greenhouse gases flow from our chimneys, soar, rising upwind, and transform the atmosphere into a giant invisible landfill ” It got to the point that the Lutheran church in the Limhamn district of the Swedish city of Malmö declared: “Jesus chose Greta Thunberg as his successor.”

    From a Russian post here:

    Btw, I haven’t known she received numerous diagnoses and said (from Russian) “I do not want you to hope for the best. I want you to panic. I want you to feel the fear that I feel every day.”


    1. This is a disturbed young woman who is being used by dishonest people. I don’t know what her parents or other relatives are thinking when they allow the poor girl to be exploited like this. Judging from the quote, the mental illness runs in the family but there’s got to be somebody who is healthy and can put a stop to it.

      Unlike all of the poseurs who scream about their fake anxiety on Tv and in congress, Greta seems to be honest when she reports her symptoms.


      1. Oh, the mom isn’t sick, she’s an actress. Got it.

        Poor kid. Actresses’ kids tend to be extremely depressed because a narcissistic mother is a traumatic experience to have.


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