The New Disguise of Austerity

All of these pseudo-climate proposals – fake meat, no air conditioning, living like medieval peasants, etc – are the same old austerity measures under a new guise.

Ten years ago, austerity was justified by the global financial crisis. Now it’s justified by the climate crisis. Austerity measures do nothing to address either, of course, but invoking (usually very real) crises makes them sound necessary.

3 thoughts on “The New Disguise of Austerity”

  1. Who benefits from people “living like medieval peasants”? Surely, Amazon and others want to sell stuff to consumers and masochists are a tiny minority, no?


  2. Interesting.

    Reducing AC benefits whom, exactly? Certainly not electricity-gas companies. Perhaps killing superfluous people living in treeless areas or small, poorly ventilated rooms? I am asking, because I do think AC is overused, yet I know there are other, smarter options to AC (planting trees, shade, white roofs, more municipal pools/parks, efficient public transport) that are definitively not austerity measures.

    Now, as you know, I do not like AC. There has been perhaps 10 days in my entire life where I wanted AC. People in North America just don’t know how to use it…


    1. We’ve been at 102-104°F all week. I’d honestly perish without AC. Of course, the way the summer’s been in Montreal, it’s hardly needed.

      I’m all for trees, though. It’s kind of bizarre that there wasn’t any attempt to plant any trees during yesterday’s “climate strike.” It seems all to have been about posing for selfies.

      As I predicted, our students didn’t notice or care. Nobody is rich enough.


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