They Despise Us

Democrats bombed at the debates and got plummeting electability ratings as a result. Instead of looking at what it is they say to scare away voters, they came up with yet another ridiculous plot to trick voters into having them.

It’s the same story we’ve been seeing unfold for 3 years. It’s the same story that’s happening with Brexit.

Ukraine, by the way, since everybody is suddenly so interested, effectuated the transfer of power to a new president and his new party without a hitch. The losing side has concocted no schemes and thrown zero tantrums to protest (the truly idiotic but that’s not the point) decision of the voters.

We tell them in the only way we have that we don’t want what they are offering and that they should adjust to the will of the people. Instead, they piss on our heads and proceed to ram what they think is better for us down our throats.

There are many things I can understand but the position of people who celebrate this is incomprehensible to me. How is it possible not to see that tomorrow you will be among those of uh who have this bitter pill of contempt rammed down our throats?

Conditional respect is no respect at all.

2 thoughts on “They Despise Us”

    1. I thought you couldn’t shock me… but this did it. This is the end of democracy because democracy is meaningless without a nation-state.

      I understand that there are a few congenital idiots who like this because they are stupid. And there is a couple of grifters who hope for a seat at the board of some grateful corporation. But what about the rest? What is the rest doing?


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