Praise for Zelensky

I felt about the election of Ukraine’s new president Zelensky in the same way as the most passionate anti-Trumper felt about the election of Trump.

But I don’t feel about his presidency like anti-Trumpers feel about the Trump presidency. I very much want Zelensky to prove me wrong and be a fantastic, quick-ass president. Having to confess that I was a dick and misjudged him will be a pleasure because what’s my pride compared to the well-being of forty million Ukrainians?

So I’m happy to say that after reading the famous transcript I like Zelensky more than before. As we say in my culture, he stuck his pride deep inside his anal cavity and begged, cajoled, flattered and debased himself exactly in the way you have to in order to talk to Trump. From what I know about him, it must have been very very hard. But he put his country first, and in my book, that’s big.

What I don’t like is that the transcript was made public, which Zelensky wasn’t counting on, and now Russians are going nuts with joy that he has humiliated himself like that. This will make things so much harder for him and, consequently, for Ukraine.

I understand that Americans don’t care about Ukraine. I also acknowledge that they don’t have to care, and the US is already doing a lot, so nobody should ask for more. But I do cringe at the self-righteous moaning about how Trump used the desperation of a vulnerable, weak country to advance some pathetic vanity goal of his. Because so did his opponents. The only difference is that the opponents put Zelensky’s humiliation on display. Those javelins he’s begging to buy are literally a matter of life and death. At least, Trump is giving the javelins (which Obama didn’t in spite of being directed to do so by the Congress). Beggars can’t be choosers, so I guess, get your own javelins if you are too proud to beg. But there’s no moral superiority here on the anti-Trumper side.

2 thoughts on “Praise for Zelensky”

  1. “Ukraine’s new president Zelensky”
    As upset as you were about his election, Ukraine is doing far better in terms of democracy than the US…
    As you pointed out, the transition from the losing incumbent and the winning opposition figure (the gold standard of democracy is a losing incumbent peacefully giving up power and is vanishingly rare in much of the world).
    Meanwhile, the democratic party (and other deep state interests, like a CIA ‘whistleblower’) have been actively sabotaging a president with idiocy about ‘resistance’ and infantile protests (like vagina hats) and an impeachment drive that makes the Clinton impeachment seem rationale. The entire spectacle would embarrass a third world shithole…
    Ukraine – 1
    US – 0
    Слава Україні!


    1. The sad thing is that people in Ukraine, who have been so inspired by the US and European democracy, are looking at what’s happening and saying, “wait, but these people are nuts. They don’t respect their own rules. They are destroying democracy.” And they are right because Americans and Europeans (the UK, especially) are throwing away something precious and wonderful. And for what? What’s the great thing they are getting in return?

      I keep waiting for people to realize that this is crazy and they need to just stop already. But it only gets worse. I very honestly don’t understand what’s making people do this. It’s so self-defeating.


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